"Recon I"
14"x28" including custom framing
w/c on paper
One of those magic places where everywhere we looked there was another view that cried out to be painted.  This pleasant meadow (appropriately enough called Barr's meadow) is only 40 minutes from home and has lent itself to several paintings over the years. We clamored over a four-foot beaver dam and paddled upstream a mile or so, then faced a six-foot-high wall of cattails broken only by a narrow beaver channel where we soon found we didn't have enough room to use the paddles properly and had to "pole" our retreat back out. A memorable adventure in this beautiful, quiet spot.  Lacking some action in this painting, we decided the scene could use the addition of an interesting formation of Canada geese preparing to lower their landing gear and touch down after scouting the area to their satisfaction.